LNG Regasification Opportunity – Vision

This is the Golden age of LNG/Natural Gas, the cleanest Hydrocarbon fuel in existence. Air pollution is one of the Country’s biggest issues; use of Natural Gas is one solution. India has to import Natural Gas in the form of LNG as the East Coast Gas fields have come up short in production.

The major limitation to the import of LNG into India is the access to regasification infrastructure and discharge capacity. There are 6 LNG terminals on the west coast of India, to only one on the East Coast.

Duke Offshore Ltd, together with its Associate Company in the UAE has conducted detailed Techno economic and infrastructure development studies, surveys and held discussions and negotiations with the owners and concerned Authorities for development of

LNG Regasification Terminals, more particularly on the East Coast of India. We have included LPG Terminal as an additional Project Revenue source. Investors have shown interest in a possible tie up for executing our VISION.


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